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Some trees yield fragrant gums or resins that are burned as incense. Good incense, also known in Arabic as Bakhoor al Kher, is the aromatic oleoresin (a natural blend of an essential oil and a resin) of a number of small, thorny tree species which grow in dry, stony soil. We get our Good incense from Yemen.


When a tree wound penetrates through the bark and into the sapwood the tree bleeds a resin. Good incense gum has a brown orange colour and may be either clear or opaque. It darkens deeply as it ages.





Burn the good incense on a red charcoal. You can also mix it with other bakhoor resin incense for a denser aroma. Place the mabkhara (cooper burner) near an open window to let the  smell in lightly without stiffling the room. Do not use porcelain burners to burn aromatic resin.


Incense resins are vaporized on red hot charcoal tablets in a special incense burner usually made of bronze.


How to burn incense: Burn the charcoal tablet in the incense burner and place part of the resin on it, wait a few seconds and watch the aromatic smoke rise.


  • Always use caution, burning incense is hot stuff.
  • Brushing against the glowing tip of a burning incense can cause a significant burn on the skin or ruin a favorite article of clothing.
  • Always place your burner on a heat-resistant surface, such as a trivet or ceramic tile. Depending on what method you're using the outside of your censer may get very hot.
  • Place your burning incense in or on a stable, non-flammable, heatproof burner. Some incense burners get very hot, especially if they're not insulated. Charcoal tablets burned in a glass container without the use of sand or ash can cause the burner to get extremely hot and even shatter.



Weight:  300 g


Packaging: Biodegradable transparent plastic bag in a reusable transparent box