(bottle 4ml)



Sandalwood has a sacred 4,000 year old history of being mentioned in Sanskrit and Chinese manuscripts.


The sandalwood tree grows in Asia and East India. The aroma comes from the wood itself rather than the leaves or flowers.  The warm soothing aroma of sandalwood can help you to relax your mind and open your heart to love.  You can use the healing aroma of the sandalwood tree to promote feelings of peace and serenity.


Our Sandalwood perfume extract is natural and obtained from the Sandalwood tree (Santalum album), which is a member of the Santalaceae family. We get our Sandalwood essence from India.





Sandalwood has long been thought of as an aphrodisiac. It has has a warm, woody, and sweet odor.  Put a small drop of its perfume essence behind each ear or pass a tiny bit behind the neck and watch the sensual magic.



Content: 20 ml

Packaging: Transparent mini glass bottle