(bottle 4ml)



The English word Amber derives from the Arabic term Anbar. Amber from the Baltic Sea has been extensively traded since antiquity and in the main land, from where amber was traded 2000 years ago.


As it ages, Amber acquires a sweet, earthy scent with a peculiar warm, musky, rich and honey-like odor. The natural Amber that has a perfumed odor, is usually extracted from the stomach of sea wales. However, due to its rarity, ours is a combination of Liquid Benzoin and Styrax Resin with a touch of Vanilla. This Amber smells amazing and the mixture is known as India Amber, which is where most of it originates from.





Evocative, sultry Amber gives a deep lustrous scent that many love. Our Amber is rich and has a wonderful aroma. Use it to scent the skin. Add a drop behind each ear or pass a tiny bit behind the neck for an ultimate passionate experience.



4 ml

Transparent mini glass bottle