(bottle 4ml)



The resin of Styrax was one of the most precious substances of the ancient world. Ours is the essence of Styrax Orientalis, in a bottle.


The beneficial effects of Styrax were used in the spiritual, physical, and medicinal sphere. Styrax possesses narcotic, cicatrising and expectorating properties.


It is used in high class perfumery as a fixative of quality for exclusive perfumes. This is because it has an extreme persistence and a discreetly vanilled smell very similar to the perfume of human skin that makes its aroma very sensual.


Styrax is traditionally used to cure epilepsy, anxiety and the disturbs of the menstrual cycle.




In perfumetherapy Styrax is indicated for stress related conditions. Dab a bit on the back of your neck and behind each ear for a whiff of intoxicating sensuality that soothes the nerves and helps calm both you and the people around you.



Content: 20 ml

Packaging: Transparent mini glass bottle