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Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried fruits nuts

Dried Apricots Prunus armeniaca

Our Turkish dried apricots are fresh, clean, bright orange, moist, and chewy. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

(box 500g) $ 7

Dried Plum

These Middle Eastern prunes are sweet, dark, moist, packed with rich fiber and extremely healthy.

(box 500g) $ 7

Dried Saudi Dates

Our nutritious Saudi dates are freshly dried and richly packed with sweetness, concentrated energy and wonderful benefits!

(box 500g) $ 4


These fresh hazelnuts come in their natural raw and healthy state. They’re sweet with a tint of bitterness and are incredibly nutritious!

(box 500g) $ 8

Peeled Almonds

From weight loss to heart protection, peeled ready to cook almonds will help you maintain your health!

(box 500g) $ 8

Pine Nuts

Picked from Lebanon’s pinewoods in Ras el Metn, these raw pine nuts are small, off-white, clean, fresh, and delicious!

(box 335g) $ 17

pistachio- festok halabi

We've brought in these raw pistachios straight from Allepo, Syria and they're jam-packed with flavor and nutrients!

(box 300g ) $ 8

raw cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are richly sweet and have gained popularity for their unique flavor and their health benefits.

(box 335g) $ 7

Walnuts- Joz

Serve walnuts with dry figs, or smash them on a salad. Their sweet bitter taste will boost the flavor of any meal!

(box 385g) $ 8

Whole Almonds

Almonds help maintain your health in a multitude of ways. Our almonds are sweet and densely packed with flavor!

(box 500g) $ 7

Whole Shelled Almonds

Smash the hard cover and enjoy your fresh almond within or boil a whole shelled almond with Linseed and use as a cough remedy.

(box 500g) $ 6