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Our fresh walnuts are whole or split in halves. They have a sweet bitter taste with intensely nutritive qualities.


Walnuts  are rich in fiber, magnesium, and Vitamin E and B.  Nuts in general are also high in plant sterols and fat, but mostly omega 3 that lowers bad cholesterol. Scientific evidence shows that including walnuts in a healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease by improving blood vessel elasticity and plaque accumulation.


Here are some of the Benefits of Walnuts:



- They Protect Arteries: Walnuts contain ‘healthy’ fats (omega 3), which is known to improve artery functions


- They are Good for your Brain: Your brain is more than 60% structural fat and you need to make sure that the surrounding fat is ‘healthy’. Omega 3 is a healthy fat that is found in abundance in Walnuts.


- Stops Weight Gain: It has been proven that eating the correct amount of walnuts (half a handful per day) can help prevent weight gain. 


- They Help Diabetics:  A study that took place at Yale University proved that walnuts improve the blood flow of people who have type 2 diabetes. 


- They Prevent Gallstones: There have been plenty of tests to prove that all nuts decrese the risk of gallstones It is believed that a couple of walnuts a day will help reduce the risk of gallstones by 25%. 


- They are a Source of Melatonin: The body produces the hormone melatonin to make sure we feel tired. Walnuts have a natural source of Melatonin in them, which means that if you have trouble sleeping walnuts may be the perfect food for your body.





Consume walnuts raw, or crush them and sprinkle them to a salad or add them to a bread mix before it bakes. Generally,  you can include them with most pastries.You can also serve them with dry figs, the mediterranean way!



Weight:  380 g 


Packaging: Biodegradable plastic bag in a reusable transparent box