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This gentle and light exfoliating hand glove is a soft exfoliant that works while it is massages the body. Its particular fabric is weaved traditionally in Syria, where exfoliating the skin once every two weeks, or before big events is part of the Hammam tradition and over all culture!

Dead cells that build up and make your skin look and feel rough, gray, and dry, limit the flow of oxygen to your tissues and the absorption of creams. This is why rejuvenate the skin every once in a while is recommended especially because it promotes the skin's regular and natural exfoliating process.


By removing the surface that has thickened, your skin is renewed faster. This makes your skin look suppler, much more uniform and radiant.





Shower with hot water, then put the glove on and massage your skin slowly, bit by bit, the residue of dull, devitalised skin will then be removed. Do not use this on your face, the gentle exfoliating hand glove is strictly for bodily use.