Scented Allepo clay, also known as Baylun, or Bilon is a clay that is used to treat and cleanse the hair and face. Bilon, comes in small cylindrical shapes of a length of five centimeters and a radius of three centimeters. It can be easily broken into powder.


The advantages of Bilon were mentioned by two prominent Arab scientists, Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and Al'Razi. The nourishing blend of Bilon contains iron oxide, magnesium and calcium, and pure mineral rich soil that is usually taken from a special area in Allepo. The blend also includes аromatic oils that give off a particular strong Arabian Amber and Musk scent.


Here are some of the benefits of Bilon:


For the hair:

-  Helps make hair silky and shiny
-  Prevents hair from falling
-  It is anti-dandruff
-  It is antiallergenic
-  Helps balance oily and dry hair  so that it regains its normal condition

For the skin:

-  Leaves you with soft skin
-  Helps fight dark spots and wrinkles
-  Purifies skin and helps in the rejuvenation of skin cells





Use Bilon after you've shampooed your hair. Drop scented Allepo Bilon in half a tea cup of warm water. Wait for the solution to melt in the water and thoroughly rinse your hair, scalp, body, and face (if you like) with it. Use two mini cylinders for hair that is of shoulder length or longer if needed. Leave the natural solution on your hair for five to ten minutes, then rinse.




Units: 5