Musk is contained in almost all perfumes because musk enhances other fragrances and makes them more enduring. Real musk is extracted from the musk deer. The fragrant gland secretion was then used in products. The musk deer was nearly hunted to extinction in the past. This is why, the scent that is now used in perfumes, soaps, creams, and beauty products is not real musk. Our soaps are made out of an amalgam of scents that creates a scent that is identical to real musk.

Our subtly sensual Musk soap is extremely good for your skin. It is made on demand with natural products in Allepo, Syria.






The warm Musk notes of this soap bar are subtly sensual, which sparks a physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Lather this soap and massage it on your body for an elegant scent and a relaxing experience.



Our Musk soap is made out of natural products and perfumes.

Our soap bars are packaged individually, by hand. We use environmentally friendly carton and paper.