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Fresh Syrups

Fresh Syrups Syrop

Apple vinegar - Khal Teffeh

Our homemade apple vinegar is created from small red apples that are picked from their mountainous habitat in Lebanon.

(bottle 750 ml) $ 3

Babounej m2attar-  camomille extract syrups

Distilled chamomile is a transparent watery solution of concentrated chamomile flowers. Our fresh extract contains bits of petals inside!

(bottle 750 ml) $ 4

Fenelle Water- Fenoille Eau- Shoumra

Fennel water has many botanical properties and ours is handpicked and distilled in Lebanon.

(bottle 750 ml) $ 8

Khal 3enab- Grape Vinegar

Our homemade Lebanese grape vinegar is made from handpicked raisins. It is called khal 'anab in Arabic.

(bottle 750 ml) $ 3

Jellab drink

Serve your sweet and fresh Jellab mix with crushed ice and sprinkle it with raisins, pine nuts, and almonds!

(bottle 750 ml) $ 4

Tayyoun - Magramane - water

Magramane water is magical! Use it on external bruises and tumors for an immediate soothing effect!

(bottle 750 ml) $ 10

Ortille - Oress - Picard- Nettle fiber plant

For arthritic pain, pass some nettle water on joints and then soak yourself in hot water. Check out the benefits of nettle water!

(bottle 750 ml) $ 8

ma2 zaher - rose orange blossom water

Orange blossom water, also known as orange flower water, is a clear pink distillation of fresh bitter-orange blossoms.

(bottle 750 ml) $ 11

Rose Syrup - sharab- ward - elward - wared

Feel like a healthy cold beverage? Check out our homemade sweet concentration of scented roses.

(bottle 750 ml) $ 6

Rose Water - MA2 Wared

Our homemade rose water solution smells and tastes like roses concentrated in a bottle. It is soft, sugarless, and natural.

(bottle 750 ml) $ 9