(bottle 750 ml)



Grape vinegar is vinegar made from handpicked raisins. It is called khal 'anab in Arabic and it is used in Middle Eastern cuisine. Ours is homemade in Lebanon and is cloudy and medium brown in color, with a mild flavor.



Here are some of the natural benefits of grape vinegar:


- Breathing in its vapor soothes headaches and asthma

- Soaking in a towel into vinegar and putting it onto the stomach prevents nausea and vomiting

- You can also adding vinegar to two cups of water and rinse your hair with it to maintain shiny hair.

- Grape vinegar detoxifies the body, notably the vessels, liver and kidneys and also breaks down fatty remnants.

- It can be inhaled or drunk in cases of cold, throat infections and bronchitis 


(This product comes in a 750 ml glass bottle) 




Drink water with vinegar and honey before going to bed, this help fight fatigue and insomnia.

You can also gargle with vinegar to ease a sore throat.  


Use grape vinegar on your salads with a bit of oil for an ultimate taste and great health benefits!





Weight:  1 kg 


Form: Liquid


Packaging: Transparent glass bottle