(bottle 750 ml)



Fresh rosemary is gathered in its perfection in this distilled homemade rosemary water formula. Rosemary has a distinct poignant taste to it and the water's hue is lightly greyish.


Rosemary Water is a strong antioxidant with many benefits:


- It regenerates skin and restores its elasticity.

- When taken for a long interval of time, it helps in alleviating nervous and physical  exhaustion

- It helps insomniacs gain sleep 

- It is good for menopausal woman as it soothes the body from cramps.

- It also soothes nerve and muscle aches and rheumatic pains.

- It is used as a toner for normal to oily skin.

- Helps in the treatment of acne & blemishes.

- It stimulates hair growth when rubbed into the scalp and is also used for oily hair & dandruff. 






Combine the water with ginger and drink two to three spoonfulls for joint and muscle aches.


You can also spray it onto your hair after rinsing for a glossy shine.


Rosemary is particularly good for menopausal women. It helps relief cramps and soothes the body. Try two table spoons of rosewater in the morning for ultimate results. 


Note that It is better to avoided rosemary water during the first trimester of pregnancy. 






Weight:  1 kg , 750 ml


Form: Liquid


Packaging: Transparent glass bottle