(bottle 750 ml)



Magramane is a popular plant used in the coastal region of the Syrian Republic. It is used chiefly for the natural obstruction of blood bleeding from wounds, it is fast and efficient and cuts bleeding immediately. Our magramane is distilled into a transparent watery solution. Magramane water has a very mild taste. 


Here are some of the traditional uses of magramane water:

- It is used for Malaria and urinary system diseases

- Pass magramane water on joints to ease rheumatism


(This product comes in a 750 ml glass bottle) 





Magramane water is magical! Use it on external bruises and tumors for an immediate soothing effect!  


Swallow three table spoons every morning  before breakfast for two weeks to ease stomach ulcers. 





Weight:  1 kg 


Form: Liquid


Packaging: Transparent glass bottle