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Seeds and Spices

Seeds - Spices

kharoub - Molasses seeds

Developing carob pods have the appearance of green broad beans but they turn a dark glossy brown with maturity.

(box 450g) $ 8

Ceylon cinnamon Sticks, cannelle

This type of cinnamon sticks is a a bit less woody and thinner in texture. Its aroma is strong and poignant!

(box 120g ) $ 4

Clove- cloves - girofle

Cloves have a strong­ly aro­matic and very inten­sive fra­grance; with a fiery burn­ing taste and an immediate, mild anesthetic action.

(box 175g) $ 4


Ginger in its whole form has a refreshing, lemon-like smell with a pungent, warm taste.

(box 270g) $ 4

ينسون ناعم Anis Spices

The flavor of anise resembles that of liquorice, fennel, and tarragon. Anise is sweet and very aromatic

(box 265g ) $ 5