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Soothing Herbs

Soothing botanical herbs

anis- vert- Anise

The ancient Egyptians and Romans were fond of Anise due to its licorice like flavor and special uses!

(box 370g ) $ 6

Real Safron

According to Greek mythology, a handsome mortal fell in love with a beautiful nymph. But his favors were rebuffed, so he was turned into a flower!

(Mini Flask) $ 12

Gros Senne - 3oshro2 - Big Senna

Senna, a small plant that grows in the deserts of North Africa, has been used for it's beneficial properties for centuries!

(box 300g ) $ 4

Ceylon Tea Black

Tea is beating all scientific expectations as the most potent health beverage ever. The many ways tea can promote health is truly astonishing!

(box 175g) $ 2

Guimauve - Khetmiye -marshmallow - marsh mallow

The blue mallow, also known as the common mallow is an aromatic herb that has traditionally been used as poultice on the belly to ease internal aches.

(box 225g) $ 3


Boldo leaves have a rich savory taste, a strong woody aroma, and are used for many purposes, some of which are culinary.

(box 310g) $ 9

khyar shambar -Cassia fistula

Cut the dried cassia fistula fruit into small pieces, add a piece to hot water and boil it for two minutes. Let it stay for three minutes. Drink it hot!

(box 490g ) $ 17

Chamomille - Camomille - Bebounej

Chamomile, the ultimate calming herb, is great at night time before bed. Choose it if you're feeling anxious and uneasy, and enjoy its exquisite taste!

(box 245g ) $ 5

que de cerise - 3noud 2alkaraz - Cherry stems

Cherry stems have so many hidden benefits, they strengthen the nerves and have a calming soothing effect as well!

(box 250g ) $ 4

Corn Threads fiber

The silk threads that surround an ear of corn may be dried in the shade and steeped in boiling water to create tea!

(box 190g ) $ 4