(box 245g )



Whole small roses, also known as rose buttons are maintained in perfect shape and dried. Rose tea is known for its appeasing properties.



Sensory properties:


Rose herbal tea is refreshing and delicious to drink. Naturally, it tastes like roses, the flavor is slightly tart.



Soothing qualities:


Rose tea has so many benefits which include building a strong immune system and strengthening the digestive system.


Rose tea can calm the nervous system and help alleviate and give some relief for anxiety. Rose tea can also help patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia and nervousness. One or two cups of rose tea per day are great for the drinker!






To make rose tea pour 150 ml of boiling water over a teaspoonful of rose petals. Let the mixture simmer, drain, and enjoy!


Remember:  If you are ill or you have any health concerns, consult your health practitioner. Do not continuously drink the same infusion for more than ten days.


When you use herbal remedies, be aware that they can be extremely powerful, and should you have any side effects when taking these infusions, immediately stop using the herb and consult your health practitioner right away.


Weight:  250 g 


Form: Whole and dried rose buttons that retain all their natural nutrients


Packaging: Biodegradable plastic bag in a reusable transparent box