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Jams and Preserves

Jams Preserves Compost

mraba teffeh - apple jam

Our Middle Eastern apple jam is fresh, organic, mildly sweet and retains all the nutrients of apples.

(jar 1 Kg ) $ 6

Apricot Jam marmalade - mrabba meshmoush

Want all the benefits of apricots in one jar? Try our homemade apricot jam! It's delightful and pretty delicious!

(jar 1 Kg ) $ 6

Pollen - ghbar El Tale3 -غبار الطلع

Bee pollen is a source of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals, hormones, enzymes, as well as natural antibiotics.

(small jar 335g) $ 16

Mrabba Tout - Berry Jam

We've crushed some Middle Eastern blue berries, cooked them right, and sealed them in a jar for your delight!

(jar 1 Kg ) $ 8

Black Molasses

Eat your carob molasses the traditional Lebanese way, mixed and served with tahina or sesame paste as a dessert.

(jar 1 Kg ) $ 6

Dark Honey

Dark honey is rich in anti-oxidants and is made by bees that live in the mountains of Lebanon.

(jar 1 Kg ) $ 33

دبس عنب سايل  Grape Paste

Sweeten cookies, cakes, and breads with grape molasses or mix it with 'tahini' for a mouthwatering family dessert!

(jar 1 Kg ) $ 9

Labneh Balls (Middle Eastern Yogurt)

Serve as a tasty and classy appetizer with toasted bread, or baguettes and sprinkle with thyme or spices for even more flavor.

(jar 1 Kg ) $ 9