(jar 1 Kg )



Our Lebanese rose jam is organic, mildly sweet,  jewel-looking, and superb-tasting. This particular jam is made from fragrant red and pink roses. Sugar and lemon juice is then poured over the rose petals. 





There are so many ways you can enjoy this treat--from topping your scones to swirling in ice cream or sweetening tea.


You can eat rose petal jam as you would any other jam. Spread it on a morning scone, top your favorite pancakes or add a thin layer on a crisp piece of toast. Rose petal jam is also delicious on an English muffin or a freshly toasted bagel.


Use the natural sweetness of rose petal jam to sweeten your drinks. Stir a spoonful into a glass of tea or add a dollop to your smoothie!



Weight:  1kg


Packaging: Reusable glass jar