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Thyme and Seasonings

Thyne and Seasonings

Zaatar Halabi - Allepo Thyme

This particular herbal thyme mix comes from the area of Allepo in Syria. Spread it on bread to make a terrific sandwich!

(bag 1 kg) $ 10

Kishk - Keshek- Keshk - Lebanese yogurtLebanese

Feel like a homemade heart-warming soup from the Middle East? Try Keshek, one of the most delicious Lebanese recipes !

(box 1 kg) $ 20

Lebanese Thyme Mix

The flavour and aroma of this particular homemade blend are delicious. Get creative and sprinkle this tasty mix on a salad!

(box 445g ) $ 8

Wild Thyme- Zaatar

Thyme in its raw and dried form is ground and used for teas and seasonings. It is warming, aromatic, and ready to use!

(box 500g) $ 4


This fresh Middle Eastern berry is dried, ground, and sprinkled on food to add an exquisite lemony taste!

(box 450g) $ 12

Toasted Sesame

Sesame seeds are a great addition to most foods. Our yummy kernels are baked with no additives or preservatives!

(box 500g) $ 4


White sesame seeds are sesame in their raw form without their outer skin or layer. Sprinkle them on a salad!

(box 500g) $ 4