(box 500g)




Whole sesame seeds are a great addition to most foods. Sesame seeds, when eaten whole with their outer layer, retain all the healthy ingredients and nutrients!


Here are some of the health benefits of sesame seeds :


- Sesame seeds contain sesamin and sesamolin, substances that are believed to prevent high blood pressure and protect the liver against damage.


- It is helpful in removing intestinal worm and getting rid of pus from the body.


- Sesame seed is a good source of Vitamin E, which strengthens the heart and the nervous system.


- The natural oil contained in sesame seeds helps remove wrinkles and other skin diseases, so sprinkle on!


- Half a cup of sesame seeds contains three times more calcium than half a cup of whole milk.






Spray sesame on noodles, salads, bread mixes, soups and dressings!  



Weight:  500 g 


Packaging: Biodegradable plastic bag in a reusable transparent box