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In the Levant area, there is a belief that thyme mixtures make the mind alert and the body strong. For this reason, children are encouraged to eat a za'atar sandwich for breakfast before an exam.


In Lebanon, Thyme is a mixture of dried ground thyme, green wheat, sesame seeds, sumac and a bit of salt.


The flavour and aroma of this particular blend are delicious. The mixture is slightly sour, salty, warming and pungent and is characterized by minty-green, hay-like, and musty flavor notes.





This blend tastes great with a bit of olive oil on pita bread. You can also spread it on any kind of bread to make a terrific sandwich! 


Sprinkle the thyme mix on a plate of hummus or dip labneh balls in it and serve with a toothpick as an appetizer!


You can also use your Za'atar mix as a seasoning for meats and vegetables or to sprinkle a bit on eggs and tomatoes. 




Weight:  450 g 


Packaging: Biodegradable plastic bag in a reusable transparent box