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Oriental Delights



These compact dates are freshly dried and richly packed with sweetness, concentrated energy and wonderful benefits!

(Medium transparent box) $ 5

Kamareddine - amareddin - Dried Apricot Paste

Dried apricot paste tastes of delicious dried apricots and melts in one's mouth. It can be eaten as is, or used to make a delicious drink!

(box 470g) $ 7

Indian dates

Our dried Indian dates are compact and packed with natural sweetness and energy. Use them to make a chilled drink!

(piece 520g) $ 3

Mann and Salwa

Mann w Salwa is a sweet white gummy Middle Eastern delight that tastes like spicy honey with toasted walnuts, pistachios, and almonds!

(box 760g) $ 14


This particularly appetizing dessert is white, soft, and chewey with lots of nutritional nuts!

(box 1 kg) $ 17

Sukkar Nabet - Rock sugar candy

Sugar crystals are a great addition to a sophisticated tea break. Serve it with tea or eat as is! Crunch crunch!

(box 425g ) $ 3