(box 470g)



Dried apricot paste, also known as qamar el-deen or ameerdine in arabic, is sun dried apricot paste made by squeezing hundreds of kilograms of apricot, mixing them with a sugary syrup and spreading them on giant trays to dry under the summer sun. The final product is tangy apricot leather-like orange sheets.

Dried apricot paste tastes of delicious dried apricot and melts in one's mouth. It can be eaten as is, snatched right from the box, or added to food.  






Make a delicious drink from apricot paste! Here is how to make it and here's what you need:

Qamar el-deen paste 300g

Water 500mls

Sugar 2tbs (adjust to taste)

Orange Blossom water 1tbs


Cut the qamar el-deen into an inch size pieces. Put in a bowl with the sugar and water and let soak for an hour. Stir occasionally and you will see the qamar el-deen starting to dissolve.


Put the whole lot in a mixer and mix for a minute. Add a small spoon of orange blossom water. The drink consistency should be thick (a bit lighter than mango nectar).


Chill in the fridge and enjoy!






Packaging: Biodegradable plastic bag with a craft paper wrap and ribbons