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AachabOnline is a Middle Eastern online store specialized in bio products, botanicals, and healthy oriental foods. We’re based in Lebanon, a country located by the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Eating healthy goes hand in hand with organic principles, and we’re passionate about it. So we’ve created this initiative, especially upon noticing that over the past century, eating habits have gradually changed, and most of us have been consuming less healthy food. The food market has become industrialized and thus highly processed.

There has been therefore, a new wave of revival to all that is healthy and organic. And we aim to be part of it. 

Sustainability and wholesome living cannot be obtained without attention to local context. AachabOnline’s products are the result of collaboration with individuals and families who work in the field of agriculture and who produce homemade and natural foods to sell them within their micro-communities. We’ve expanded our market and theirs in order to promote sustainable living and the potential for long-term maintenance of well-being in all its environmental, economic, and social dimensions.


We work with local communities and suppliers to get the best out of seasonal harvests and the best out of the people we work with. We believe in fair trade as well as high social and environmental standards.

Our product range takes you back to the good old days where everything was healthy and unprocessed. One can find all sorts of natural foods and extracts in our e-store. The list includes essential oils, vegetable extracts, botanical extracts, functional blends, fruit seed oils, burning essence, aroma therapy oils, nourishing recipes, Middle Eastern preserves, oriental bathing essentials and much more. 

We’re proactive in sourcing natural ingredients for individuals that wish to include sustainable solutions in their lifestyle, this is why, our products are one hundred percent natural with no preservatives. We also pack individual products and batches in biodegradable plastics, brown paper bags, and eco-friendly containers.


Shopping with us has a lot of benefits. We offer: 

Quick and reliable services: We work with a reliable team of suppliers and distributors. We’re also always around on social networks, so we answer your questions quickly and orders are processed without delay. 

Safety and security with privacy protection: We take security seriously. And we use the highest form of encryption and security software available. 

No hidden fees: You get charged for what your receipt has shown, not more. 

No minimum order: This means you don’t have to buy a minimum quantity or purchase amount. 

A store that never closes: Our bio e-store never closes. So you can shop anytime according to your own convenience.